What is an irrigator

What is an irrigator

According to statistics, almost everyone over the age of 35 has either already used the services of an orthopedic dentist, or needs it.

However, dentures and crowns cannot be completely cleaned with a regular toothbrush. The accumulation of pathogenic bacteria at the base of the prostheses or crowns leads to inflammation of the oral mucosa, which can cause implant rejection, periodontal disease, and demineralization of tooth enamel.

For the treatment and prevention of such diseases oral irrigators have gained great popularity in the recent years.

The irrigator is irreplaceable for pregnant women: it will prevent the development of gingivitis, quickly cope with inflammation of the gums and reduce their bleeding.

The irrigator effectively cleans interdental spaces and gingival grooves, removing plaque. A jet of water reaches areas inaccessible when cleaning with a toothbrush or floss. A powerful pulsating pressure of water massages the gums, improving blood circulation.

AQUAJET is especially needed if you have:

  • Teeth prostheses

Regular use of AQUAJET will keep your teeth and gums healthy!

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