Reasons to choose AQUAJET

  1. This irrigator is designed for the whole family. The AQUAJET kit offers a set of 4 nozzles, each of which is marked with its own color. So for each family member there will be its own nozzle.
  2. Our stationary irrigator works from the power socket, which is present in any bathroom. Therefore, you will not experience unpleasant consequences of a dead battery while you are half-way through the teeth cleaning procedure. 
  3. Our irrigator is more powerful than many portable ones. Hence, the water jet removes the food debris between the teeth and in hard-to-reach places more effectively. 
  4. Our irrigator has a large capacity for liquid. You do not have to fill it several times, because one full tank is enough for a good teeth cleaning.
  5. Our irrigator serves for many years. If you read reviews about our irrigators on the Amazon website, you’ll see that buying an AQUAJET irrigator is a long-term successful investment of your money.

The only thing that can confuse you when using our irrigator is that it may seem noisy. Of course, if a smaller motor was used in the irrigator, there would be less noise. But then the power of the water jet, and, as a result, the efficiency of our device, would decrease significantly. Thus, the noise of the AQUAJET irrigator is fully justified, because our goal is to take care of your health!

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