Dentists' Recomendations

"Irrigation of the oral cavity (mucous membrane, periodontal and teeth) is carried out with the help of a constant or pulsating jet of warm water under pressure. A stream of warm water is supplied through a nozzle from a water tap, pressure is generated by a compressor (2-10 atm). To the water supplied for irrigation, you can add liquid medicine and aromatics for irrigators. Multi-jet pulsating warm streams have the best effect. The procedure time for cleaning the gums of one jaw is 5-10 minutes. "

Blum S.A.
Russian Dental Portal

"Interdental hygiene products are designed to clean the interdental spaces and contact surfaces of the teeth from soft plaque and food debris and, thus, prevent the development of caries, the development of tartar and prevent inflammation of the interdental papilla and the destruction of the periodontal attachment, and thereby prevent the development of periodontal diseases. This approach is very important, especially in our country (Russia), as there is no widespread practice of using tools of dental hygiene.”

Ulitovskiy S.B.
Doctor of Medical Sciences,
Academician of MAN EB, Corresponding Member of PANI, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Russian Dental Server

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