About us

AQUAJET® – registered trademark of Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd.

Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd. was founded in 1986 in the Republic of Singapore. Today Singapore is the world's wide recognized business centre. Singapore has been successfully the most favourable place among the top countries for international business development for several years. The world’s standards of business practices and culture established in Singapore guarantee the company’s partners and customers accurate fulfillment of contractual relationships.

Using its strategic location and many-year experience, Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd has built close productional and commercial relationships with the leading manufacturers of the South-Eastern Asia. Today the company offers a wide range of medical products under the brand LITTLE DOCTOR in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

Most products are manufactured by subsidiary Little Doctor Electronic (Nantong) Co., situated in China. Internationally recognized certification centres for compliance with international and European standards certify the manufacturing process. Most products are certified for compliance with the European, USA and Russian standards.

Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of medical products of Nissei brand produced by Nihon Seimitsu Sokki Co., Ltd (Japan).

These products are sold through a network of official distributors, many of which are operating in the market for over 25 years.